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16th-Jul-2007 12:28 pm - Let's bring this bitch back to life
do not pet when angry
John in the Morning at Night
September, 22, 2007
Crocodile Cafe

Vampire Weekend
Jamie T.
Das Llamas (live on KEXP)
Joy Wants Eternity (live on KEXP)

Tickets: $20 advance/ $25 doors available at ticketswest.com and
ticketswest outlets
doors at 5pm
live broadcast 6-9pm

Buy presale tickets here
Password is JITMAN
9th-Mar-2007 11:50 am - Don't forget
do not pet when angry
John Richards' birthday bash at Neumo's tonight!
*El Perro del Mar
*The Shackletons
*The Blakes
*The Saturday Knights
*DJ Michele Myers

Live broadcast on KEXP and kexp.org from 9pm to 1am PST.
6th-Mar-2007 07:11 am - Artist Info - Fujiya & Miyagi
do not pet when angry
From their MySpace page:

Fujiya & Miyagi were formed by Steve Lewis and David Best and released their first album 'electro karaoke' in 2002 on Massive Advance Records. They were then augmented by Grunder and Mathew Avery for a couple of years and have now been whittled down to a three piece with Matthew Hainsby for the last two.

They are trying their best. they may or may not get a drummer.

Their new album Transparent Things is available now in the UK on Tirk Records and on DD&B Recordings in the USA. It will also be released in Japan on Rough Trade in February, and across Europe on Groenland Records on 16th March 2007.

Buy Fujiya & Miyagi through KEXP

Official Fujiya & Miyagi Web Site
26th-Feb-2007 05:48 pm - Artist Information
do not pet when angry
Jamie Lidell

A boundary-breaking, British soul vocalist beyond your wildest expectations, Jamie Lidell is set to affirm his long-simmering musical ascendancy with his new album Multiply. With it, he has evolved into a prodigious performer, fusing elements that evoke several giants of the music world without ever appearing derivative.

More on Jamie Lidell from his web siteCollapse )
22nd-Feb-2007 12:25 pm(no subject)
do not pet when angry
Hey New Yorkers! Free Ladytron show tonight. This is all I know about it:

USA NYC CAPITALE (SPECIAL ONE OFF SHOW), FREE SHOW: call 866-988-8800 for ticket information
do not pet when angry
What gigs have you been to recently? What gigs are you planning to attend in the future?

I haven't been to any recently because I have been sick most of the winter. I would like to go to:
-John Richards' birthday party at Neumo's on March 9th
-Badly Drawn Boy at Neumo's on March 26th
-Man Man at Neumo's on March 31st
-Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 at the Crocodile on April 6th
-Klaxons at the Crocodile on April 23rd

I am sure there are others but I haven't been keeping up with gigs lately.
21st-Feb-2007 02:37 pm - February In Studios
do not pet when angry
Kristin Hersh
Thursday, February 22 - 3:00pm

Uncle Earl
Thursday, February 22 - 7:00pm

The Airborne Toxic Event
Friday, February 23 - 9:30am

The Hot Toddies
Friday, February 23 - 4:00pm
20th-Feb-2007 09:13 am(no subject)
do not pet when angry
KEXP's winter pledge drive begins Friday, February 23rd. Volunteer here!
15th-Feb-2007 07:29 pm - Artist information - Elana James
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Just at the moment in 2004 when it seemed as though the trio she’d been playing with for eight years was about to break through, violinist and singer Elana James was thrown off course. The acclaimed Hot Club Of Cowtown was touring with Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan when Elana and her long-time musical partner and guitarist Whit Smith decided to split at tour’s end - and just like that, James was confronted with a startlingly indeterminate future.

More from elanajames.comCollapse )
13th-Feb-2007 12:11 pm - Non-Profit of the Month
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The Fremont Abbey Arts Center
The Fremont Abbey Arts Center is a new non-profit arts space providing an ever growing variety of arts & cultural experiences for all ages.

Mar 3- KEXP's Audioasis Live at High Dive One Year Anniversary Show

KEXP, Seattle Sound Magazine, and Three Imaginary Girls present the One Year Anniversary of the Audioasis Live Remote Broadcast and Benefit Show at High Dive. The March Anniversary show will benefit The Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Major Funding for Audioasis comes from New Belgium Brewing Company.

Man Plus and Optimus Rhyme Live on KEXP Audioasis 6-9pm

Shorthand for Epic, Smoosh, Tim Seely, and Damien Jurado Showcase 9:30 pm – close
Age: 21+
Advanced tickets are $8 with a $10 suggested donation at the door.
All proceeds benefit The Fremont Abbey Arts Center.
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