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Non-Profit of the Month

The Fremont Abbey Arts Center
The Fremont Abbey Arts Center is a new non-profit arts space providing an ever growing variety of arts & cultural experiences for all ages.

Mar 3- KEXP's Audioasis Live at High Dive One Year Anniversary Show

KEXP, Seattle Sound Magazine, and Three Imaginary Girls present the One Year Anniversary of the Audioasis Live Remote Broadcast and Benefit Show at High Dive. The March Anniversary show will benefit The Fremont Abbey Arts Center. Major Funding for Audioasis comes from New Belgium Brewing Company.

Man Plus and Optimus Rhyme Live on KEXP Audioasis 6-9pm

Shorthand for Epic, Smoosh, Tim Seely, and Damien Jurado Showcase 9:30 pm – close
Age: 21+
Advanced tickets are $8 with a $10 suggested donation at the door.
All proceeds benefit The Fremont Abbey Arts Center.
Tags: audioasis, damien jurado, fremont abbey arts center, high dive, man plus, non-profit of the month, optimus rhyme, shorthand for epic, smoosh, tim seely

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