Formica Dinette (formicadinette) wrote in kexp,
Formica Dinette

Tags: pledge drive, upcoming events, volunteer

  • Attempting to start some discussion here

    What gigs have you been to recently? What gigs are you planning to attend in the future? I haven't been to any recently because I have been sick…

  • Select upcoming events

    February 7 90.3 KEXP presents Half-Cocked (film) at Northwest Film Forum Doors: 7PM and 9PM Age: All Ages Tix: HALF-COCKED-…

  • Let's bring this bitch back to life

    John in the Morning at Night September, 22, 2007 Crocodile Cafe maps Vampire Weekend Jamie T. Das Llamas (live on KEXP) Joy Wants Eternity (live on…

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