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Artist Info - Fujiya & Miyagi

From their MySpace page:

Fujiya & Miyagi were formed by Steve Lewis and David Best and released their first album 'electro karaoke' in 2002 on Massive Advance Records. They were then augmented by Grunder and Mathew Avery for a couple of years and have now been whittled down to a three piece with Matthew Hainsby for the last two.

They are trying their best. they may or may not get a drummer.

Their new album Transparent Things is available now in the UK on Tirk Records and on DD&B Recordings in the USA. It will also be released in Japan on Rough Trade in February, and across Europe on Groenland Records on 16th March 2007.

Buy Fujiya & Miyagi through KEXP

Official Fujiya & Miyagi Web Site
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