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This community is for discussion of all things KEXP-related. It is not in any way affiliated with the station. So far there are just a few simple rules:
1. Don't be an asshole.
2. No music sharing. Any posts containing music uploads will be deleted.
Rules 3-? TBD as needed.
abe beeson, alternative, ambiance, ambient, avant-garde, b-mello, bluegrass, blues, brian foss, britpop, cajun, celtic, cheryl waters, chilly, classical, country & western, dance, dancehall, darek mazzone, diane horn, disco, dj shannon, don slack, doug haire, drum and bass, ebm, electroclash, electronica, emo, experimental, folk, funk, fusion, garage, glam, gothic, greg vandy, hardcore, hip hop, honky tonk, house, indie, industrial, j-pop, jack walters, jazz, john gilbreath, john richards, johnny horn, jon kertzer, kevin cole, kid hops, krautrock, larry metro, larry rose, latin, leon berman, lisa wood, lo-fi, masa, metal, michele myers, mike mccormick, mr. west, nick turner, noise, pop, psychedelic, punk, quilty 3000, r&b, rachel, rap, reggae, riz, rockabilly, roots, salsa, samba, sean nelson, shoegaze, ska, soul, stevie zoom, surf, swing, techno, trance, tribal, troy nelson, twang, twee, world, zydeco